about us

Founded Dhi Qar Investment Commission in 2008 after the release of the Iraqi investment law in force No. 13 of 2006 .
The Commission shall administratively Mr. governor of Dhi Qar, but the organization shall be linked to the National Authority for Investment .
The work of the body , including the development of investment plans do not conflict with federal investment policy where you set up investment opportunities in the areas under its control with preliminary information on these projects and provided to investors.
The commission aims to achieve the following :
First: to strengthen confidence in the investment environment and to identify investment opportunities and investment stimulation and promotion .
Second: simplify the registration procedures and leave for investment projects and follow up on existing projects and prioritize them in achievement among authorities and the completion of formal procedures answer the requests of investors and obtaining the necessary approvals for the investor and the project.
Third: the establishment of one stop shop (OSS) in the National Investment Commission and the bodies of the regions and provinces comprising representatives from the ministries and authorized members nominated by the provincial councils and the provinces.
Fourth: advise and provide information and data for investors.
Fifth: the development of promotional programs for the promotion of investment in different areas of Iraq to attract investors .
Sixth: to facilitate the allocation of the necessary land and lease them to set up projects for a sum determined by the Commission in coordination with the relevant authorities. 
Seventh: work to establish a safe investment areas with the approval of the Council of Ministers 
Eighth: Encouraging Iraqi investors through the provision of soft loans and financial facilities to them in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and use of banking institutions with the requirement that the investor who has a loan to employ number of unemployed Iraqis and proportional to the size of the loan.